The Prenatal Bonding Course is offered in English, French and German.

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With this globaI initiative I would like to invite and welcome participants from all over the world so that mothers-to-be and their unborn children may profit from this ground-breaking method which helps pregnant women to develop a deep loving bond with their unborn babies.

There will only be one online prenatal bonding course in English in 2021 starting 5 November and ending 10 December. 


A Special Training Course for Midwives, Doulas, Bodytherapists, Gynecologists, Yoga Trainers And Members of All Professional Groups Taking Care of Pregnant Women Become a bonding facilitator to help mothers-to-be to develop their bonding capacity during pregnancy Concept modelled on the „Bonding Analysis“ as originally developed by Dr G. Hidas & Dr J. Raffai

Course Instructor: Christa Balkenhol-Wright Certified Bonding Facilitator, Regression and Hypnosis Mentoring, Psychological Consultant 

Course Dates: 5./12./19./26.11.21 and 3./10.12.21 

Course details: All Modules will be video recorded and put at the disposal of participants who might miss a session. That allows for keeping up with the course material. 

The course fee amounts to 750,- Euro. Included in the fee are an abundant written material package and my consulting/supervision after the end of the course.


 - The extraordinary importance of PRENATAL BONDING 

 - What do you learn in this course? The course participants practice self-awareness and self-perception in connection with their own pregnancy and birth; elements of regression therapy are being used.

 - History and development of „Bonding Analysis“ 

- Brief introduction to Prenatal Psychology

 - Detailed procedure of Bonding Analysis step by step

 - In-depth anamnesis pertaining to the pregnant woman's own case history

 - Communication channels between mother and baby in utero.

 - Advantages of prenatal bonding and attachment for mother and baby. 

- For whom is the bonding analysis recommendable and suitable? 

- Devising a ficticious case history 

- Bowlby's attachment classification 

- Possible bonding problems 

- Prenatal Bonding - a method of prevention and generating salutogenesis 

- Prenatal attachment and brain research 

- Impact of maternal stress during pregnancy on the prenatal baby - How does the baby experience birth?

 - The lost twin syndrome 

- Self-regulatory disorders of the newborn and their prenatal origins

 - Impact of „ART Technology“ (Assisted Reproduction Technology) on the prenatal baby's psyche

 -    Role of mirror neurons

 -    Bonding capacity of the „prenatal“ father

 - Birth preparation 

- Impact of the transmission of epigenetic structures from one generation to the next

 - Special support for women having experienced sexual abuse or any other form of violence.


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(Bonding Analysis based on the work of Hidas and Raffai) 

Course Instructor: Christa Balkenhol-Wright Certified Bonding Analyst Regression and Hypnosis Mentoring

6 modules of 5 hours each (11 am to 4.15 pm) Dates: 5, 12, 19, 26 November 2021 & 3 and 10 December 2021 

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Course fee : 750,- Euro. Included in the fee are an abundant written material package and my consulting/supervision after the end of the course. 

By signing the form I confirm that my participation in the course is binding. Please transfer the amount to my account with the Commerzbank: DE08310400150455669200, COBADEBBXXX. 
You will receive the corresponding receipt once the transferal has been made.

 Cancellation of the course must be done in writing and not later than 25 October. Any cancellation after that date will not entail a fee reimbursement. 

Should the course instructor be impeded to carry out the course due to illness, accident or any other reason, the total fee will be refunded.

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